March 31, 2016

Indian Trail, NC—EzCharitable, LLC, an independent online training and advisor consultancy announced today a comprehensive series of 33 training modules.

“The video series is the most comprehensive charitable planning training program ever presented to the profession,” noted Lee Hoffman, EzCharitable President and Co-Founder. The modules, based on Hoffman’s and Co-Founder Randy Fox’s 70-plus years of combined experience in the estate planning and charitable giving fields, “empower advisors to do sophisticated charitable planning the right way.”

In addition to extensive resources, instructions and real-world case studies, participating advisors receive three (3) sample multi-million dollar planned giving cases and a private 45-minute phone consultation with Mr. Hoffman or Mr. Fox.

About the Founders

Mr. Hoffman, is the President/CEO of Planned Giving Design Center, LLC and the co-founder of EzCharitable, LLC. Known for his innovation in planned giving and thinking outside the box, Lee’s business history since 1979 has been in a straight line to one objective. That objective has been to further the planned giving process for the creation of more planned gifts that benefit society. Hoffman’s entire 36 years in planned giving and charitable planning has been focused on developing and providing advisors and charities with the tools they need to be more successful; charitable planning software, training thousands of advisors, and how to communicate the benefits of using the charitable tax law to help society and their client’s families. To help them raise more money, make more money, and increase their satisfaction in their respective occupations.

Mr. Fox, a third-generation entrepreneur, is the co-founder of EzCharitable, LLC. He is also currently the Editor in Chief of Planned Giving Design Center, a national newsletter for philanthropic advisors. In 2015 Randy was awarded the Fithian Leadership Award by the International Association of Advisors in Philanthropy.  Fox’s entire career in planned giving has been focused on educating advisors and others in the four main areas of planned giving and assisting advisors with estate, financial and charitable case development, presentation and closure critical to their success. With over 500 charitable cases under his belt and over $500 million in gifts completed, Fox understands the process

Visit here for more information about the video series, including ordering instructions.

About EzCharitable

EzCharitable, LLC, is an independent online training and advisor consultancy dedicated to increasing the success of advisors in working with their clients and their family philanthropy. EzCharitable’s mission is to educate and inform every professional advisor and nonprofit professional who wants to increase their knowledge of all aspects of planned giving including:

  • The client engagement and conversation;
  • The technical and tax aspects of gift methods;
  • The recognition of the opportunities to present planned giving.

“We desire to improve confidence, competence and collaboration among all professions,” explains EZ Charitable Co-Founder, Lee Hoffman. “Our ultimate goal is to improve the experience for the donor/client and for the advisors that serve them and thus benefit and affect positive change for society now and for future generations.”


Lee Hoffman/Co-Founder
(704) 698-4063